Arcadia Boutique’sEco-Friendly Fashion

Choose These Ethical Brands

This growing fashion movement believes that the clothes we wear should be ethical from start to finish. Not only do consumers want to look good, they also want to feel good in a deeper context because they wouldn’t want to feel guilty about the ethical implications of what they are wearing. They would also want to know if the clothes they wear came from sources that are ecologically sustainable, processed under humane conditions, and equitably priced for small producers to make a decent living.

These are just some of the biggest brands that have been known to be ethical or have responded to calls to be more so.

1. People Tree
This brand has been doing ethical fashion even before it was even a buzzword. Established in 1991 by Safia Minney, People Tree pioneered in the ethical movement in the fashion industry by sourcing virtually everything in their supply chain from marginalized producers. They also believe in buying from groups who have environmentally sound practices to lessen fashion’s impact on the planet.

2. Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney, the fashion designer behind the brand of the same name, is a champion of sustainable and ethical fashion. She is keen to remove or make minimal use of animal products in her pieces, as she is also a vegetarian. She believes that people should be aware and consider where and how their clothes are made. She is constantly on the lookout for high-end alternatives for the clothes she makes. The same ethical fashion principles she has on sustainability are heavily reflected on her own fashion house.

3. Matt & Nat
Their name is said to be a play on the words “material” and “nature”. The company strives to be environmentally friendly by not using any animal-sourced materials like leather in their designs for their bags and other accessories. Matt & Nat has endeavoured to only work with factories that are transparent with their labour standards and practices. They also aim to only work with recycled packaging all throughout the production and shipping of their goods.

4. Patagonia
Patagonia is one of the success stories of the ethical fashion movement. The company has set its sights on righting past mistakes by making sure that all their products are made using ethical standards, particularly those that are animal cruelty–free. They have made sure that they source their materials from suppliers who are in sync with their own set standards. Patagonia also values charity, in which they dedicate 1 percent of their total sales or 10 percent of their profit to environmental groups.

5. Finisterre
This brand aims to create and deliver quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly clothes to their consumers. They use a lot of recycled fabrics and biodegradable parts and finishes to their apparel so that it minimally impacts the environment. They also encourage people who have bought their products to have them returned to be repaired whenever possible, or recycle them if they are beyond repair.