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Innovative Sustainability Designers

Being eco-friendly has shifted from just being an attribute that you would only hear from a Greenpeace activist a few decades back to being one of the most overused words today. This green tag has also invaded the fashion scene, which has always been characterised as an industry of excess and wastefulness.

The increased awareness of the up and coming generation of fashionphiles has brought about the shift of the industry from the image of excess to that of sustainability. Social media and the Internet have been instrumental in making these big brands become more aware of the sentiment of their consumers. Here are the most innovative designers when it comes to sustainability in fashion.

1. Stella McCartney
The daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney and animal rights activist Linda McCartney, she is probably the biggest champion of the eco-friendly fashion movement. She may have even been the pioneer of the ethical fashion trend, at least in the big name houses. She aims to translate her personal beliefs into her creations. Vegan living has certainly influenced her work, as she does not include any animal products in her collections.

2. Eileen Fisher
Aside from being known for her simple yet elegant designs, Fisher is also a staunch advocate of ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable fashion. Although she claims it’s still a work in progress, her company’s supply chain now mainly relies on organic fibers as its raw material. She plans that by 2020, her company will be able to fully implement the plan to fully improve the social and environmental components of the business.

3. Vivienne Westwood
Westwood has very strong ecological beliefs that she tries to incorporate into her collections. She has even placed a manifesto at the back of production notes in one of her fashion shows that enumerates the ecological ideas that she believes in. She collaborated with Greenpeace for a campaign to save the Arctic.

4. Giorgio Armani
The Armani fashion house, albeit being one of the most well-known names in the fashion industry, has just recently started its movement towards becoming a business with a strong sense of ecological responsibility. They only made the switch over the past three years when they made the promise that their future collections will use only faux fur as Armani does not believe in animal testing or exploitation. In spite of their recent entrance to the green movement in the fashion industry, Armani is showing a lot of promise in the eco-friendly and sustainability front with their new policies.

Noteworthy brands that have embraced the eco-friendly movement include Prada and Edun. Prada has started a project that highlights the clothing expertise of featured countries. Edun, on the other hand, uses only the Fairtrade business model.